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BE Loved: Running & Pumpkin [Spice]


What I love this week. A crisp fall jog is a great way to start my day. Especially in these sweet babies.

My purple running shoes make me run faster. I swear. Haha.

BE LOVED – and have fun with your workout attire. It spices up my everyday life. It is the little things.

– Heather @ BloomEveryday

Pumpkin [Spice]

It is officially Fall today, which is my favorite season! I can finally crack open cans of pumpkin and light Pumpkin Spice candles to my little hearts desire.

Nothing is better to me than cozying up with a good book, blanket, and a pumpkin spice candle. Or a plate of pumpkin pancakes, that’s not too bad either.


BE Loved and incorporate some pumpkin into your Fall days!

– Katie @ BloomEveryday

What do you love this week?


BE Loved: TGICoffee

Irish Mint Coffee

I think it is so funny that Katie and I chose the same topic this week to write about in our weekly Friday ‘BE Loved’ post. We must have coffee in our DNA…

I was telling my husband the other night how excited I was for the Christmas season, even though it is only September. I think these feelings were spurred on by the fact that I have been drinking Irish Mint flavored coffee this past week. I somehow skipped right past fall, and landed right in the middle of December. 

I say — it is never too early for Peppermint Mochas (even when it is 90 degrees outside). Here is a quick way to make one at home if you don’t have an espresso maker:

Brew a fresh cup of Irish Mint flavored coffee — add a splash of vanilla syrup (or Splenda works too). If you love chocolate (which, of course, I can’t pass up) add either half a pack of hot cocoa mix or a couple of pumps of chocolate syrup. Finish with your morning creamer and a dollop of whipped cream. Viola, a pretty darn good substitute for one of my favorite holiday drinks!

Irish Mint Coffee, what I LOVE this week. 

– Heather @ BloomEveryday


Peanut Butter Iced Coffee

Peanut Butter. A very familar word in my daily vocab. I wouldn’t deny that I say the word less than five times a day. My husband would be shocked if I went a day without a little spread on bread, heaped on a piece of chocolate, or in a full-on banana-nutella-PB wrap. I have a theory that peanut butter can be put on anything and is a crucial, essential part of every meal.
So when the traveling coffee van stopped by our office, I inquired: “What syrups do you have?” Among the hazelnuts, white chocolates, and almonds my ears perked up when I surprisingly heard “Peanut Butter”. I asked him how it tasted, and he said, “I don’t know, doesn’t taste like peanut butter…more like just sweet.”
I could not pass up the opportunity to try this. I love coffee. I love peanut butter. Curiousity got the best of me and I ordered a Soy SF Peanut Butter Iced Coffee. The coffee guy set my expectations pretty low and I wasn’t really prepared for the love affair that came next. With my first sip, I was transported to a coffee wonderland with a hint of peanut buttery goodness. 

Want to BE Loved? Stop by a coffee joint with a wall of flavors and ask for a Peanut Butter Iced Coffee however you like it.
What I LOVE this week? Peanut Butter Iced Coffee. 

– Katie @ BloomEveryday

“Let’s do life togeter”

What do you love this week?

Please Donate: Lupus Foundation

This is a cause close to our hearts. For the next two weeks until September 30th, you can donate to the Lupus Foundation of American and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a  long-time, generous LFA supporter.

Please donate today for this great cause! It’s easy and can help change lives.

To learn more about Lupus, visit the LFA website here.

We LOVE this,
Heather & Katie @ BloomEveryday
“Let’s do life together”

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