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Exercise: Front Leg Pulls

I love pilates, and this move is great for your thighs and glutes!

BE Challenged: Do this 3x a week for 20 reps each leg.

BE Strong!

Katie @ BloomEveryday

How will you get moving today?


Exercise: Side-to-Side Jumping Lunges

Want a quick cardio move that targets your legs, butt, and gets your heart pumping? Try side-to-side jumping lunges.

– Katie & Heather @ BloomEveryday
       “Let do life together”

What are your plans to get moving today?

Exercise Challenge: Scissor Kicks

Looking for a killer ab workout? These are killer! Working on your core strength is very important to looking and feeling strong. This is one of my favorite ab exercises.

BloomEveryday Challenge: Do this 3 times a week for 3 sets at 25 reps.

Want more? Click here for 4 more belly blasting moves.

– Katie @ BloomEveryday  
      “Let’s do life together”

What’s your favorite ab blasting move?


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