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How to Lighten Up Your Life One Latte at a Time…

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a Women’s Retreat at a lodge on a small lake in Northern Idaho. It was just a quick weekend get-away, but being away from home and on the road makes it difficult to stick to a normal diet. I am all about indulging when I am away, because I know that since I am a fairly “healthy” eater when I am at home, I can indulge when I am on the road.

As my husband tells me, you don’t put the weight on overnight, and you don’t take the weight off overnight…it is a process. So indulging every once in a while is not a bad thing!  (I have to constantly remind myself of this fact, and you should too!)

When I am on the road — I still need my coffee. Now with all of the instant options, it is easy to make a cup anywhere (even if you climb to the top of Mt. Rainer, you could enjoy a hot cup of Joe as long as you can heat the water). Hmmm, note-to-self, invent a way to heat the water instantly without the constraints of power. Surely if we can put a man on the moon, my coffee cravings can be satisfied anywhere on Earth.
I truly could indulge in an iced latte everyday (ok, let me be real: everyday, multiple times a day).  Because of my great love for coffee and anything sweet; this combination can be deadly.  So in an attempt to save my waistline I have been determined to lighten up my latte. Here is what I have discovered works the best to trick your taste buds, but still maintain the latte satisfaction.

Instead of ordering my usual Grande Iced Vanilla Latte – Hello, 250 calories, 6 g of Fat — try skinning it up! The closest variation that I have created to trick my taste buds is the following:

Order a Grande Iced Americano (3 shots) with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup – with a splash of half and half — Hello 50 calories, 2 g of Fat. This simple combination can be doctored in anyway depending on how you like your espresso.

If you like your coffee drinks sweet, add an additional packet of Splenda. If you like your coffee drinks lightened with creamer, try a couple of splashes of half and half, and make up the difference with skim milk. Just remember that the more milk you add, the higher the calorie count.

This coffee house drink helps keep me on track when I get a craving for a latte. However, I remind myself, that every once in a while, it is ok to indulge in the real thing!

-Heather @ BloomEveryday

What is your favorite coffee house drink?


Exercise: Front Leg Pulls

I love pilates, and this move is great for your thighs and glutes!

BE Challenged: Do this 3x a week for 20 reps each leg.

BE Strong!

Katie @ BloomEveryday

How will you get moving today?

Exercise: Side-to-Side Jumping Lunges

Want a quick cardio move that targets your legs, butt, and gets your heart pumping? Try side-to-side jumping lunges.

– Katie & Heather @ BloomEveryday
       “Let do life together”

What are your plans to get moving today?

Exercise Challenge: Scissor Kicks

Looking for a killer ab workout? These are killer! Working on your core strength is very important to looking and feeling strong. This is one of my favorite ab exercises.

BloomEveryday Challenge: Do this 3 times a week for 3 sets at 25 reps.

Want more? Click here for 4 more belly blasting moves.

– Katie @ BloomEveryday  
      “Let’s do life together”

What’s your favorite ab blasting move?


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