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Pizza Two Ways

Here is some easy pizza we made two ways!

Pizza One: pesto, roasted garlic, tomatoes (add at end of bake time), olives, pepperoni for him, parm and cheddar cheese.

Pizza Two:red sauce, jalapenos, olives, pepperoni for him, parm and cheddar cheese.

1. Make my favorite dough or get your favorite (about 1.5 pounds).

2. Split dough into two when done. “Toss” to desired thickness.

3. Top.

4. Bake in 425 degree oven until delicious!



  Dube wrote @

YUMMY. I’m commenting on this so I can go back and read this recipe again later. I love homemade pizza. Mmmm.

  balvinder wrote @

Beautiful flavours in your pizza, looks tempting.

  Kiri W. wrote @

Nothing like pesto pizza!🙂 These look great, what a nice home-recipe!

  Kimberly @ Badger Girl Learns to Cook wrote @

Yum! My husband and I do the same thing. Great pizza topping ideas.🙂

  Christine wrote @

I love pizza. Can’t go wrong with pizza.

  certaintyincookiesandtaxes wrote @

They look beautiful – perfect friday night food!

  Grubarazzi (@Grubarazzi) wrote @


  Emily @ Life on Food wrote @

I would take the pesto and my husband would grab the red sauce. Both would be very happy!

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