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CostCo – Friend or Foe?

Is buying in bulk really good for your pocketbook or shelves?

I’ve heard the argument that buying in bulk is expensive, over-indulgent, or flat-out unnecessary. But is this really the case? In college, the thought of spending $11 on a box of Gardenburger was cringe worthy – nowadays, it makes sense!  While there is a minor membership cost – it will more than make up for itself in the savings you will get after a couple trips.

There are obviously some things I do not need to buy in bulk, such as a 5 pack of Motor Oil or 12 Giant Muffins (though, there may come a time where I might need that). However, I am a huge advocate for packing lunches (or just saving money). And nothing makes this easier than quick grab-and-go items (side note: you will be more financial fit by packing lunch every day – you can save over $40 a week by packing your own lunch; not to mention how much healthier your lunch will be).

How can buying 24 of one item save you money? Let me show you:

I pack a yogurt with my lunch every single day. I even eat one with my lunch on the weekends. You can buy a 24 pack of Yoplait Lights for around $12.99 (or to go cheaper, 24 Activia for $9.99 – and they are surprisingly good!). Do the math and that ends up being $0.54 per yogurt. When you buy the singles at the grocery store, each one can be around $0.67 each. You will save around $3.09 each time you buy. This may not seem like a lot now, but if you buy yogurt regularly (2x/month for 12 months of the year) – this can end up saving you $75 a year!

Granola bars – these little treats are expensive at the grocery store, even at major money saving department stores. You can buy 48 Nature Valley Trail Mix bars for $14.99. Each bar costs $0.31 a piece! At the normal store, you can get a 6 pack for around $2.99 – this ends up being around $0.50 a bar. If you were to buy 12 boxes of these, it would equal 48 bars and the out of pocket cost would be $23.92. By buying in bulk – you’ll save $8.93! All these numbers add up over time, and can be put into savings or (to put it into perspective) can buy you 15 pounds of bananas!

A six-pound bag of Mini Pretzels seems like a lot – but they will provide endless snacks for about 4 months! They come in at a cheap $5.98 (about a $1.00 a pound; usually around $2.99 for a small bag at the store). A healthier alternative to a potato chip and the price difference is astounding.

Have you noticed the sky rocketing price of cereal? When did our sweetened morning snacks reach the $4.50 mark – and the healthier choices warrant a $5.00+ mark? You can get stellar deals when you buy in bulk. Often there is a “select” promo cereal for about 2 weeks. There is a coupon for it in the booklet you get in the mail and the cereal is featured on the end-cap. You can usually get anywhere from 48 to 72 oz of cereal for around $7.50 (usually less with coupon). If your day (or a loved one’s day) starts off with a bowl of cereal and milk – this will save you money in the long run.

For all the vegetarians out there, and those who just love a soy latte – you can get three (yes, three!) half-gallons of Silk soy milk for $6.99. IF you ever buy soy milk at the grocery store – you will inevitably pay an arm and a leg. The price is often around $3.50, if you are lucky. The expiration on Soy Milk is much further out than normal milk – which makes this a great buy if it’s a staple in your house. Buy in bulk and save $3.50.

Produce in bulk sounds a little scary – but it is so worth it. If your family eats fruit and veggies regularly (which you should!), this is the way to go. You can get three pounds of bananas for around $1.27 (normally $1.80+ at most stores), six heads of Romaine lettuce for around $3.50 (which at any other store would be $7.75), or 10-pounds of carrots for $5.99 (usually around $18 elsewhere).

By buying in bulk, you will take less trips to the grocery store – which saves us all a lot of time and hassle. And let’s be honest, we can never have enough time! This is just the tip of the iceberg but by using common cents, a little bit of hauling around, and creatively organizing – you will find yourself saving money and comfortably stocking up every essentials for you and your family’s needs.

Just from the examples above, you will stock up on some groceries for at least two weeks (sometimes even longer)! If you bought all of this at a normal store, you would spend around $81.00. Buy the same amount in bulk and spend around $60 – that’s a $21 every two weeks savings, $42 a month, $504 a YEAR!

– Katie @ BloomEveryday
“Let’s do life together.”

Is CostCo. (or buying in bulk) now on your errand list? Share what you saves you money when you buy in bulk.


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